Stephanie Fels

Stephanie is the founder of Blue Cove Fish. She grew up in the US, France and Ecuador. She has a 15-year career in the finance & tech industry, and is a lover of high quality preserved seafood. After many recipe development sessions, she decided to start a micro cannery and launch Blue Cove Fish in New York City.

Matthew Feldman

Matt is classically trained as a chef, and managed various restaurants in New York City over the past decade, including Temple Court at the Beekman Hotel, Jeffrey's Grocery and Seamore's amongst others.

Rupa Shah

With a 30-year career in management consulting and entrepreneurship, Rupa brings her deep corporate strategy expertise to the table. 

Jared Zuckerman

Through his platforms FOODANDCITY and EATANDBEFULL, Jared's influence in the food & beverage industry can't be ignored. His talent comes from his digital media and culinary background.